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Why A Good Coffee Bean Grinder Is Important

These tools are imperative to making the perfect espresso along with the water hardness and temperature. The most important tool in making an Espresso is the grinder.

Most of us are always looking for cheaper deals but I cannot stress enough how integral the grinder is in making the perfect espresso at home. Many people make the mistake of buying preground or pre-packaged meals instead.

Why is the grinder so important?

good coffeeEspresso brewing and preparation does take much longer than just flicking on the kettle, but it is worth that wonderful aroma and desired taste. The coffee bean is actually put under harsh treatment yet still produces that fantastic taste. Neither Percolators nor Mocha pots can do the same. Espresso brewing uses 135 pounds of water pressure per square inch, with an extraction of around 25 seconds.

I can almost guarantee no matter who you speak with whether it be baristas, doctors or civilians, if you asked them what their secret was to the perfect espresso all would say the grinder. Of course everyone know that water and fresh roasted coffee helps the quality of espresso. However the core tool they will all agree on is the quality of a grinder. The purpose of the grinder is to do just that freshly grind your coffee to dust like particles which make it easier to extract.

When it comes to the espresso machine itself you really do not have to fork out a fortune in order to make great coffee. It is advised however that you do ensure you have a quality grinder which fits your budget and does the job as required.

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