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Best Home Coffee Grinder – Top 3 In 2019 – 2020

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Top 3 Home Coffee Grinders In UK

Ever find yourself in situation like this? You’re entertaining guests and you’re organising drinks. As you expected, many of them want coffee, but when you get to your kitchen you realise you only have bog standard instant coffee. It’ll do, but sometimes you don’t want something to, “just do”, you want something to amaze and stun. This is where your own coffee grinder comes in. With a bit of research and a bit of practice, soon you’ll be making cups of coffee that’ll knock the socks off any guest.

Sage by Heston Blumenthal Review – Our Number 1

Sage by Heston BlumenthalThe first product I would like to recommend is called the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Smart Grinder Pro (VIEW PRICE HERE!). Heston Blumenthal, for those who don’t know, is famed for his unconventional methods and rule breaking techniques when it comes to being a traditional chef. This coffee grinder continues this legacy delivering an all-round excellent product, although these are the aspects that particularly stood out to me.

  • A staggering total of sixty grind intensity settings, giving the user even more customisability of their coffee than the Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder.
  • Intelligent technology adjusts the dose size when you adjust the grind intensity, meaning you don’t have to worry about measuring out the right portions.
  • A sleek LCD display giving the user lots of peripheral information that they may find useful.



Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder Review – Number 2

Baratza VirtuosoThe second product that I’d like to recommend is called the Baratza Virtuoso. The Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder is certainly the highest priced of the coffee grinders that I have recommended so far, however, it is well worth the investment with a whole host of features that no coffee fanatic will want to miss out on. The Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder has an exceptional suite of features, and these are just a few highlights.

  • A total of forty grind settings giving the user maximum customisability of their cup of coffee.
  • Particularly adept and making an espresso grind.
  • A compact size, especially its height makes the Baratza Virtuoso Coffee Grinder ideal for kitchen use and storage methods.



Gracef CM 800 Coffee Grinder – Number 3

Graef CM 800The final product I’d like to recommend is called the Gracef CM 800. The Gracef brand is a little more unknown when it comes to the coffee grinder market, but customer testimonials will constantly state that the coffee grinders this manufacturer puts out are of a consistent and desirable quality that is rarely seen from the other big brands at the moment. The Gracef CM 800 Coffee Grinder has quite a few useful features. These are a few that stood out to me as this coffee grinder’s greatest aspects.

  • The Gracef CM 800 Coffee Grinder is known for its excellence at crafting a brilliant espresso blend.
  • There are at least 40 adjustable settings for the coarseness of the blend, making certain that the cup of coffee you want will be represented in the blend every time.
  • A simple, no frills, no hassle experience. Simply hit a button to start the grind and hit the button again to stop it again. Simplicity is its greatest strength.
  • Is known to be relatively quiet in comparison to other coffee grinders in the market.




To entertain and delight those hypothetical guests I proposed at the start of this article, any of these coffee grinders will do just fine, but when considering the best value for money and the feature set included, if I could only choose one of these coffee grinders it would have to be the Sage by Heston Blumenthal the Smart Grinder Pro due to its professional etiquette and consistent performance when creating a blend.






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